Tower Week – the nationwide campaign promoting safety and best practice in the mobile access tower industry – has returned for 2015!

This year’s theme is ‘Work smarter and safer at height’. The flexibility, versatility, cost-effectiveness and safeness of towers will be highlighted throughout the week.

Running from 2 November to 6 November, each day will put a different type of tower in the spotlight, where the benefits, applications and safe usage will be explored on the website and social media. The format is:

  • Day 1: Podiums and Indoor Folding Scaffolds
  • Day 2: One Man Towers
  • Day 3: Narrow Towers
  • Day 4: Standard Towers
  • Day 5: Towers on Stairs, Bridging Units, Cantilevers

But that’s not all. The Tower Test has also made its return, along with our brand new Tower Selfie Competition and the Tower Week Launch Webinar. Our Tower Week Partners will also be doing the High Tower Challenge, which will help raise funds for a charitable cause.

Don’t forget, our Tower Week Partners will be running their own events and initiatives as part of Tower Week. Want to get involved? See the full list of Tower Week Partners for more information on what events will be happening near you.

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