Gary Chudleigh

Share these FREE new safety infographics!

Our official Partners were given 4 infographics to share on social media to make sure their customers, friends and acquaintances all knew the absolute key information on ‘working well with towers’ during Tower Safety Week.


The week is now over, but we need to make sure people are working well with towers all year-round and YOU can help.

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Tower Selfie GO! winners

Who doesn’t love a selfie? PASMA members and the public at large were put to the challenge to get the best selfies – armed with foam hands – with hopes of winning one of many prizes this year. Here are the full results…

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Tower Test winners – Full list

For this year’s Tower Week, we had hundreds of challengers brave the 16 question, knowledge-busting Tower Test.

Most challengers scored impressively high marks, with 22 of them getting 100% and achieving the golden prize of a free Tower Pack.

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High Tower Challenge – final results and charity prize draw announcement

The final figures are in. All the hard work assembling towers for this challenge has come to an end and we’re ready to reveal just how high our participants got to.

We also have the official announcement from PASMA Managing Director, Peter Bennett, on the charity of choice that PASMA’s funds will be donated to.

Did we topple Mount Olympus? Check out the results below.

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Tower Selfie Competition Winners

We’ve tallied up the retweets, shares and likes from Facebook and Twitter and are ready to announce our inaugural Tower Selfie Winner for Tower Week 2015. We’ve also added in a special Tower Selfie Staff Choice Award for selfies that stood out from the crowd and impressed the PASMA office.


We can confirm that the winners are…. *drum roll* …


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High Tower Challenge Results – Day 4

Day 4’s results are in and we’ve managed to add another 228m to the High Tower Challenge, bringing our total height raised to 1939m!

With Day 5’s results still to come in ( the combined height of towers built today), we might just make it to the top of Olympus and high five Zeus himself.

 We’ll also be performing the prize draw to decide which participant’s charity will receive the final amount PASMA has raised once the final height is confirmed.

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Day 5: Key facts on advanced tower configurations

It’s fitting that on the last day of PASMA Tower Week 2015 we feature the diversity of mobile access towers and their ability to provide safe and effective access for a wide variety of different and frequently demanding applications. The domain of PASMA’s ‘Hire and Assembly’ members, they include TOWERS ON STAIRS, BRIDGING UNITS AND CANTILEVER STRUCTURES. 

So what do you need to know? Here are 9 facts to give you a head start:

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High Tower Challenge Results – Day Three

Yet another fantastic result from day 3 of our High Tower Challenge. Our participants are building towers to such a combined height, we need to use mountains to show the sheer scale of it!

Our participants reported a height build of 506m, bringing the total to a dizzying high of 1411m, flying by Snowdon and Ben Nevis in one go. This also means that at least £1411 will be donated to a lucky participant’s charity – through our sponsorship of a pound per metre – at the end of the week.

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Day 4: The do’s and don’ts of using standard Mobile Access Towers

It’s hard to believe, but it’s now Day 4 of PASMA TOWER WEEK. We’ve covered low level work platforms, one man towers and narrow towers, and now it’s the turn of STANDARD MOBILE ACCESS TOWERS - those unsung heroes of height safety that are in daily use up and down the country.

However, as with all types of access equipment, there are certain do’s and don’ts. Here are 9 of the most important:

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