Instructor CPD Workshops


Our training scheme is the industry standard. And it’s the high quality of service our Instructors provide – through our network of Training Members – that continues its reputation for excellence.

Investing in these Instructors, as you can then imagine, is hugely important. That’s why we’ve married our manufacturers and instructors together for Continued Professional Development (CPD) workshops to be held throughout Tower Safety Week.

The workshops will be practical hands-on sessions with the manufacturer’s towers – giving our instructors invaluable practical experience to both refresh their skills and learn about tower products they may not have used before.

The participants are:

  • Aluminium Scaffold Towers | 16 Nov
  • Euro Towers | 15 Nov
  • Instant Upright | 14 Nov
  • Lyte Towers and Ladders | 17 Nov
  • Pop Up Products | 15 Nov
  • Turner Access | 16 Nov
  • UTS Sales & Repairs | 18 Nov
  • Youngman/WernerCo | 15 Nov

Keep up to date with the workshops during Tower Week  at the updates section.