Tower Selfie Competition Winners

We’ve tallied up the retweets, shares and likes from Facebook and Twitter and are ready to announce our inaugural Tower Selfie Winner for Tower Week 2015. We’ve also added in a special Tower Selfie Staff Choice Award for selfies that stood out from the crowd and impressed the PASMA office.


We can confirm that the winners are…. *drum roll* …


Tower Selfie Winner: Bekka Batchelor

Tower Week Winner

Bekka – who works in the Mark 1 Training Office as well as owning her own modelling agency – sent this fantastic selfie. With 14 retweets and 19 Likes on Twitter; 8 likes and 1 share on Facebook, Bekka is the clear winner of the competition and a worthy champion. Congratulations, Bekka!


Tower Selfie Staff Choice Award: Tees Valley Wildlife Trust

Staff Choice Winner

For this selfies cheeryness and clever use of people both on and off the tower during their training, we think the people over at Tees Valley Wildlife Trust are more than deserving of the Tower Selfie Staff Choice Award. Congratulations!


That’s it for 2015. We’d like to thank everyone who took part in the Tower Selfie competition. To see some of these great submissions, have a look on our Twitter and Facebook pages.