Tower Test winners – Full list

For this year’s Tower Week, we had hundreds of challengers¬†brave the 16 question, knowledge-busting Tower Test.

Most challengers scored impressively high marks, with 22 of them getting 100% and achieving the golden prize of a free Tower Pack.

The full honour list of challenge winners are:

  • Paul Latham
  • David Harwood
  • Chris Blantern
  • Lynne Geddes
  • Javan Davies
  • Neil Hobart
  • Andy Cartwright
  • John Westwood
  • Richard Chapman
  • David Keen
  • Alistair Twigg
  • Paddy Tomlinson
  • Lee Hardy
  • Gary Parson
  • Alex Seacombe
  • Dave Ingles
  • Ian Anderson
  • Michael Thomas
  • Mark Russell
  • Gillian Rutter
  • Ian Betts
  • Charlotte Duff

Congratulations to the winners! They have all demonstrated excellent knowledge on all things towers. To brush up on your own tower knowledge, please visit the official PASMA website, where you’ll find plenty of information, tips and expert advice.