11 – 18 November 2018

‘Promoting safe working at height using mobile access towers’

Our training scheme is industry standard, and it’s the high quality of service our Instructors provide – through our network of Training Members – that continues its reputation for excellence.

Investing in our Instructors, as you can then imagine, is hugely important. That’s why our Continued Professional Development (CPD) Open Days return for Tower Safety Week 2018.

These Open Days, held by manufacturers across the UK, give our instructors invaluable insight into the manufacturing and building of BS 1139-6 prefabricated scaffold towers and more.

ALTO Access Products - Redditch

On Wednesday 14 November a group of PASMA Instructors joined manufacturing member Lakeside Industries for a CPD session on their ALTO range.

The open day was an opportunity to learn about the range of products available in the ALTO range.

Ridgeway - Belfast

Ridgeway held an open morning demonstrating Span 500 and Spandeck products. As a Hire & Assembly member, the Ridgeway team was also on hand to advise on building of specialist tower applications, including bridging (linked) tower structures.