The results are in for Tower Safety Week! Read all about it right here:



Toolbox Talks



The very first Tower Safety Week Toolbox Talks were a huge success. Delegates from across several industries involved at work at height found themselves getting a refresher on inspecting towers with our partners, ALS Safety and Adapt (UK) Training.


Tower Selfie Contest



Tower Master award



WINNER – Warren Bradbury / Ridgeway


This challenge asked people to get photos with as many different types, configurations and brands of towers. Warren blew the competition out of the water by going on a selfie-spree with five different towers, but right behind him was the team at Ridgeway, who managed to get four tower types, along with a sneaky cameo appearance from a podium, in the one picture! Take a bow, guys and get ready for pizza, as a Domino’s is coming to both of your offices.


Most Popular award


Euro Towers


WINNER – Euro Towers


With the biggest number of retweets and likes, Euro Towers come out on top. Coming their way is a tasty surprise from Hotel Chocolat.


Staff Choice Award


Warren Access - Monday



WINNER – Warren Access


This award is for the one that the staff liked the best. We all loved Warren Access’ submission – the posing is top-notch and it’s clear they are proud to be working well with towers.



They were just a selection of many great selfies! See all our entries here: