Who doesn’t love a selfie? PASMA members and the public at large were put to the challenge to get the best selfies – armed with foam hands – with hopes of winning one of many prizes this year. Here are the full results…


Tower Master award


WINNER – Richard Chapman, RSC Training

Well done to Richard Chapman from RSC Safety – a true Tower Master! This challenge asked people to get photos with as many different types, configurations and brands of towers. Richard managed to get six, including selfies with a Towers on Stairs Unit; High Clearance Unit; Low-level Podium Step Unit; Low Level Folding Tower Unit; 3T and AGR. He’s won himself and five colleagues free Domino’s pizza delivered to his office for lunch. Well earned.


Most Popular award



With the biggest number of retweets and likes, HCS Safety come out on top. Coming their way is a luxury Cadbury’s gift set with a ‘tower’ of chocolate that will please everyone’s sweet tooth.


Staff Choice for Humour Award


WINNER – Euro Towers

This award is for the one that made the PASMA office chuckle the most. Coming out of the Ghetto, wearing their blue sued PPE boots to become the winners are those Hound Dogs from Euro Towers. They graciously accept their prize, adding “thank you, thank you, thank you very much’.


They were just a selection of many great selfies – have a look at some other submissions that were posted: